Introducing the Team

Nicole Lotz

The Open University

Senior Lecturer and Researcher.

I got involved in th work in Mexico in 2018 thtough a higher education links network funded by the British Council Mexico and now I want to continue the work.

Mark Gaved

The Open University

Lecturer and Researcher

I am interesed have a long standing interest in how communities can use technologies to help overcome local educational and societal challenges.

Derek Jones

The Open University

Start Marketing


Alejandra Díaz

Tecnológico de Monterrey / Fab Lab

PhD Student in Engineering Science and co-funder of Fab Lat Kids.

I Believe that learning through making is and empowering and transforming resource.

Lay Wah Ching

Tecnológico de Monterrey

PhD Student in Educational Innovation

I love working with communities for social transformation. I have been working with La Campana-Altamira community in different STEAM activities.

Rafael Machado

Fundación Insistu

Fundación Insistus

I like to join in horizontal collaborative processes with the community.

Noé González

Universidad Nacional

Professor and Researcher.

I am interesed in developing solutions in education for social transformation through research and inovation.

Victor González

Polígono La Campana - Altamira / Tecnológico de Monterrey

Community Leader


Publications and media

Inequalities in the participation in social learning and open innovation during crisis

Over the last years, I have been working with partners in Mexico to support the co- design of Fablabs and Makerspaces in marginalised communities. Fablabs (Fabrication Laboratories) are non-formal educational settings that provide expertise.........

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Hyperlocal Learning Network ‘La Campana-Altamira’: Using low-cost technologies to support maker education during lockdown times

The Covid-19 pandemic worsened access to education and socio-economic development opportunities for marginalized communities around the globe. ‘Hyperlocal Learning Network La Campana-Altamira’ has used low-cost technologies to target this challenge in a city in the Northeast region of Mexico..........

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