I´m Tito, the aparatito.

I am a small device that can be used to create small internet networks and connect people in close proximity. I’m going to show you how the Hyperlocal network works.

Connecting people

At the center of the Hyperlocal network is a “Raspberry Pi” device that is like a small computer (Tito). People nearby can connect using WiFi from their cell phones or computers.

It is not connected to the internet, but it works as a “local internet” that allows to access resources, store or share through a set of easy to use tools.

The device can run different open source software: we are using MAZI but it can be customized depending on the needs of the community.

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The “Discover” section is a storage tool where project leaders can upload learning resources such as videos, tutorials and templates. Participants will also be able to add other resources they have created.

In addition, other open source tools can be installed such as WordPress to create news or project publications. All tools can be customized for each community, by changing language, text, colors, etc.

The Hyperlocal network has a number of tools for accessing digital resources, sharing ideas and starting conversations.

In the “Share” section, people can post simple messages accompanied by photos and others can respond.

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Resources designed based on best educational practices make it easy for participants to take the first steps in developing creative thinking and generating new ideas.

Tito’s tools allow project leaders to pre-load videos, documents and other resources that activate collaboration and guide learning.

For the pilot conducted in La Campana – Altamira, we designed four different activities – with different levels of complexity – that gave participants ideas to start using their toolbox to create, share and learn.

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